‘I didn’t know what he was capable of’

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A teenage girl has told a court her life flashed before her eyes during an alleged sex attack on a Blackpool playing field.

She also claims that she was too scared to scream or try to run off because she feared she would be beaten up or even killed.

At the same time the youngster denied a suggestion that what took place on a football pitch near Claremont Road had been consensual.

She similarly denied a claim that she was making up allegations about Blake Richens. Richens, 22, of Bond Street, Blackpool denies charges of rape, attempted rape and a serious sexual assault.

Preston Crown Court heard how the girl accepts that she had been the first to earlier approach him in the street, in January, because she was “paranoid” about getting away from a nearby police car.

She said Richens was saying things like she was beautiful and she kept telling him to look out for a police car.

They walked off together chatting and they were going to an address over the field. They were holding hands in the Claremont Road area and she believed they had been talking around 20 minutes before setting off across the field.

The teenager said she felt she must have been “proper out of it” at the time and not thinking straight. On the field, Richens kissed her and she kissed him back, she said, “not thinking anything of it”.

She said she only kissed him because he had kissed her. Defence barrister John Woodward then put it to her: “What I suggest is sexual activity took place between you and you were more than happy for it all to happen”.

The girl replied “I was happy with a little kiss, not all the other stuff.

“As soon as he started mentioning stuff for me to do I said ‘no’. As soon as I knew I was in danger I was saying ‘no, not a chance. Can we just go?’

“He was saying no. I was begging him, saying please.”

The teenager said she had thought of running off, but he had mentioned a knife and that it would only take him two seconds to kill her.

She told the court her life was flashing before her eyes. She added: “I thought if I slipped, that’s me gone and if I screamed, he would batter me or kill me. I didn’t know what he was capable of.”

Mr Woodward said: “I suggest that everything that went on between you and him was perfectly mutual and you were agreeing to it, that you initiated some of it, you started it.”

The girl replied: “Never, I’d never do that, never.”

At one stage, on the way up from the field, she alleges he had spoken of being a murderer.

She also said that afterwards he was saying he was a different person when he put his gloves on and that a horrible person had done that to her.

They had walked to an address and he started putting the gloves on outside the door, so she grabbed a glove, she said.

The defence barrister then asked: “I suggest you are telling lies about him, that you are making this up, about him doing these things to you on the field?” But the girl refuted that by saying: “Never, I never, I kept saying no about 14 times.”