‘Husband cut my throat and left me to bleed’

Victim of domestic abuse.
Victim of domestic abuse.
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A terrified woman who was locked away as a prisoner in her own home and repeatedly stabbed, beaten and even had her throat slashed with a razor blade has today spoken for the first time about her horrifying ordeal.

Brave Angela Hogan suffered a catalogue of abuse for more than three years at the hands of her 
husband, Patrick “Paddy” Hogan.

Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan

Today, she has spoken about the full extent of her treatment, saying this is the first time she has felt remotely safe after he was jailed for 14 years.

In a harrowing interview with The Gazette, the 45-year-old mum-of-two revealed how her attacker:

l Repeatedly locked her in the house as a prisoner, and disappeared with their only phone

l Threatened to burn down her daughters’ homes and kill her brother if she tried to escape

l Slashed her throat then locked her in a room, leaving her to bleed from the wound

l Repeatedly beat her so savagely she broke bones which did not set properly – because he banned her from going to hospital.

But despite her husband being behind bars, she says the shocking level of violence means she will always be scared that a knock on the door could result in her or her family’s death.

She said: “I really thought he was going to kill me.”

Alone, in agony, terrified.

It is hard to imagine just how frightened, how isolated Angela Hogan felt during her ordeal at the hands of evil husband Patrick.

For almost three years, until the start of 2013, she was subjected to an almost unimaginable catalogue of violence, abuse and cruelty at his hands.

The couple moved home several times. Each time he would lock her away inside when he went out, taking keys and the only phone they had with him, leaving her no way of getting out or calling for help.

In any case, neither was an option.

For her husband, known as Paddy, threatened to kill her mum, her daughters and her brother if she breathed a word to anyone.

All the while, he was beating her, on one occasion so hard it has left her with a permanent disability. Another attack with a razor blade on her throat followed with him shutting her in a room as she bled from the open wound.

Police who investigated the shocking case said Angela had even said she wanted to die at one point – but was scared to in case her husband took it out on her family instead.

Yet, says mum-of-two Angela, finally feeling able to speak to The Gazette for the first time since her husband was jailed for 14 years last year, it all started so differently.

Angela, 45, said she had no idea of Hogan’s violent nature until eight months into their marriage.

After a whirlwind romance, the couple were married in Blackpool, where they were living when they met, after just three months together in November 2010.

She said: “He was the ideal husband... absolutely lovely.

“In July 2011 we had moved to Scarborough and he suddenly kneed me in the leg so hard I wasn’t able to walk. Then he said ‘look what you’ve made me do, this is your fault’.

“I just thought it was the stress of moving mixed with having a drink to celebrate our new home.”

But it wasn’t.

Disturbingly, the attack was only an indication of what was to come.

It was the start of a string of assaults and verbal abuse which would happen on an almost weekly basis.

Hogan, 50, would leave Angela locked in the house when he left to buy his booze, taking their only phone with him.

Still shaking at a thought of the attacks, she added: “He’d think I was looking out the window and looking at men in the street, or someone in the paper or on the television,” she said.

“I decided it was better for me to not watch TV or read the paper or magazines. He controlled everything and I was made a prisoner in my own home.

“He told me if I said anything to anyone he would kill my mum and my two daughters.

“He threatened to set my daughters’ houses on fire. He said he’d string my daughter’s dog up outside and cut off her boyfriend’s head.

“He said he’d have his friends follow my mum home from work and set fire to her flat with her still in it, and he’d shoot my brother in the face with a shotgun so we couldn’t have an open casket.”

At the same time he was beating her so savagely she has been left with scars all over her body where he stabbed her with knives, forks and even a tin opener, and has broken bones which have not set properly because she was banned from receiving hospital treatment after each brutal incident.

After four months, Hogan moved the couple to Ireland, closer to his roots in Dublin.

There, he would tell his petrified wife he would kill her and bury her somewhere no-one would be able to find.

Angela said: “I really thought he was going to kill me.

“The worst attack was when he got a table leg and was beating me with it. He hit me so hard in the head blood was going into my eyes, but he was still hitting me. I put my arm up to defend myself and he broke my wrist. He also broke my femur and left me in the house for eight days before letting me go to hospital.”

Angela, terrified of what might happen if she told the truth, told doctors she had fallen, and they inserted a metal plate to help fix her leg. But the bone has not healed properly so she needs a walking stick to get about.

Finally, after two and half years of abuse, the turning point finally came in February last year, when the couple had returned to Blackpool, living in Grange Park, and Hogan cut her throat with a razor blade.

“I wasn’t allowed to go to hospital and Paddy even pushed the bed up to the door so I wasn’t able to get out. I was left to bleed,” said Angela.

But a week after that horrifying attack, he made a mistake - and Angela, knowing she had to do something, finally took her chance to escape.

She said her husband had bought the wrong kind of aerial for their TV. After whipping her with the cables, he left the house to buy a new one.

He left the door unlocked.

“I ran through all the alleys so he couldn’t find me and called my daughter who picked me up,” says Angela.

She called the police that day, and 26 officers were dispatched to Grange Park to find Hogan, who had gone on the run. They caught him, and in September he was sentenced to 14 years in prison by a crown court after pleading guilty to actual bodily harm (ABH) and harassment with a fear of violence.

He has a five year extension on his licence period, and has been made subject to a life-long restraining order meaning he must never contact Angela.

But despite her relief at his sentence, Angela, who still lives in Blackpool, fought back tears as she admitted she will never truly feel safe.

“It was like a weight had been lifted,” she said.

“I feel safe now, but ask me how I feel in six years and a month’s time when he could be out on licence – I’ll be a bag of nerves.

“Now I understand there are people out there to help people like me. I can’t praise the police enough for the help they have given me – because of them I can move on with my life.”

Angela receives trauma counselling, and has help from the Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) in