Home raider collared by blood found at address

Joesph Teelan, 35, of Claremont Court, North Shore, was jailed for burglary.
Joesph Teelan, 35, of Claremont Court, North Shore, was jailed for burglary.
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A man who raided a retired couple’s Blackpool home was trapped by his own blood found at the scene.

Joseph Teelan’s DNA matched blood discovered inside a bedroom drawer at the burgled address on Cherry Tree Road.

He had stolen around £1,500 of jewellery by forcing entry in the day time.

Teelan, 35, who was living at Claremont Court, North Shore, was given 51 weeks jail, around a year’s prison, by a judge at Preston Crown Court.

He had pleaded guilty to the burglary which was carried out on February 14.

Roger Baldwin, prosecuting, said the occupants were out at the time.

A window had been forced in a utility room and a UPVC window or door smashed with a stone.

It is thought the whole house was searched. Jewellery was stolen from upstairs.

A crime scene forensic examination led to a quantity of blood being found inside a bedroom drawer.

Teelan had opened and searched the drawer.

About 10 days later, it was found to match him.

He was arrested at his address on Claremont Court.

The defendant denied the burglary, giving an “ingenious explanation” to police about his blood being found, added Mr Baldwin.

He claimed to have been doing roofing work and burned himself on a blow torch, making him bleed.

He alleged blood must have then got onto his jacket, which he ended up giving to a “down and out” person and that the burglar must have worn that jacket, resulting in blood dripping off it.

At the time of the offence he was on a suspended sentence from Peterborough Crown Court over another burglary.

Chris Hudson, defending, said the Blackpool burglary had been spontaneous and not planned.

Teelan had taken to using drink and drugs over the past 12 months because of bereavements.

Mr Hudson said: “He wanted money from his wife to buy cocaine.

“She wasn’t for having it and he ended up out of the van and she drove off.

“He has undergone detoxification in prison for drink and drugs.

“He is a traveller and intends to return to southern Ireland. He is a much chastened man.

“He wants the van to be sold and the money used to recompense the retired couple for the loss of the jewellery.”

Teelan was ordered to pay £1,000 compensation to the couple.

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