Help cut hair salon thief down to size

CCTV footage of the man police wish to speak to in relation to the break-in.
CCTV footage of the man police wish to speak to in relation to the break-in.
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The owner of a hair and beauty studio is hoping CCTV footage will help catch a burglar who broke into his salon before stealing cash and smashing down doors.

A man, who appears to be in his 20s and is wearing a green jacket, approached David Maria Hair Studio on High Cross Road, Poulton, at 6.50pm on Sunday.

When he was unable to open the locked front door he went round to the back of the shop and is seen using some kind of tool to force open the back door.

But his actions were caught on camera at every turn, 
including inside the premises, when he grabbed around £20 in change from a downstairs till.

He is seen noticing the CCTV, but gives the camera another clear look at his face as he turns it around before making his way to the upstairs beauty studio.

He kicks down three doors and then takes another £12 from a cash box before 

The salon is closed on Mondays, and owner David Woods didn’t spot the break-in until around 2pm the following day.

Police have since taken fingerprints and the CCTV footage from the premises.

“I’d like to go round to this man’s place and trash it – I’m really, really angry,” said Mr Woods, 70, who has now 
invested in a new security doors and will no longer be leaving cash in the shop.

“I’m hoping someone will recognise him from the CCTV.

“He looks as if he is drunk or drugged up and although he only took £30 or so, it has cost me around £300 to repair the doors.

“I do believe people like this should be punished, and if he’s done something like this before I think he should receive a custodial sentence.”

Mr Woods said the culprits responsible for two previous burglaries during the 48 years he has run the salon – in 1968 and then around five years ago – had both been caught.

“It just shows crime doesn’t pay,” he added.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting the log number 0627.