Health fears led police to drugs

Darren Taylor has been jailed for nine months.
Darren Taylor has been jailed for nine months.
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Police found a stash of drugs in a man’s house – after they turned up and tried to break in because they feared he had fallen into a diabetic coma.

After knocking on the door of Darren Taylor’s home for five minutes, he eventually opened his door.

But when police went inside they found a number of bags of white powder which he had tried to hide outside, containing drugs estimated to be worth more than £200.

Preston Crown Court heard that they had only turned up at his door, on February 9 last year, because concerns had been raised that he might be in medical difficulties.

The 46-year-old, of Dickson Road, Blackpool, is now starting a nine month jail sentence imposed by the court after he earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing the class B drug pentedrone – a stimulant which is officially a research chemical – with intent to supply

The court heard that in February last year police went to his then address, a flat on Springfield Road, Blackpool, out of concern that he might be in medical difficulties.

An external door was forced and an attempt made to force an internal door before Taylor finally let the police in.

Karen Brooks, prosecuting, said white powder was spotted on a lounge coffee table and some empty snap bags. It was noted the defendant had white powder under and around his face and on his hands.

He was arrested and his flat searched.

A CCTV system was found. Four cameras were found in all - two of them opposite a communal door to the building.

Police suspected that he had been having drugs before their arrival and then used the five minutes before officers got in to hide or destroy drugs.

When one officer looked outside, two plastic bags containing white powder were spotted on a window ledge. More were scattered into the yard behind and on a window ledge below.

Two “tick lists” of names and payment amounts were found on the coffee table and there were two snap bags with white powder on the coffee table. Drug dealing type text messages were found on a phone. Around fifteen snap bags were seized. In total, there was 7.73 grammes of pentedrone. Sold in half gram deals, the drugs would each have been worth £5-£15 on the street. In all, they would have been worth £25-£225.

Nick Courtney, defending, said Taylor had been using the drug for around a year at the time and had become addicted to it. He had since rid himself of the addiction.

He added: “He was going to deal the drugs to users. He was organising his own supply of the drug as well.

“This was a very small scale operation, not involving others. It is one of the unusual features of this case that it wasn’t problems in the local community which brought police to his home. They went out of concern for him. There was then an inept attempt by him to try and hide the fact there were drugs on the premises”.

The judge dealing with the case, Recorder Mukhtar Hussain, said “I would be failing in my public duty if I didn’t pass an immediate custodial sentence”.

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