Hambleton park 'torn up' by heartless vandals

Picture by Wyre Council
Picture by Wyre Council
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Vandals tore up rubber flooring at a children's' play park at Hambleton - just a few days before Britain in Bloom judges are expected to arrive at the village.

Vandals wreaked havoc at the Bob Williamson Park, off Grange Road, on Tuesday night.

A Wyre Council spokesman said: "Sadly, someone has taken it upon themselves to completely tear up one of our parks in Hambleton. We have informed the police. Please respect our parks, they are provided for your enjoyment and it saddens us to see someone misuse them this way."

Yvonne Walton, of Hambleton Parish Council, said: "This is particularly galling as Hambleton Parish Council has recently spent thousands of pounds and a significant amount of volunteer man hours improving the park."

She said the vandalism came as a devastating blow as Britain in Bloom is due to judge the village - including the park - on Monday, and the local gala is due to take place in the park on July 6.

"People are absolutely disgusted. I have appealed for information from a couple of Hambleton groups and people were quite aghast," she said. "It's affecting the smallest of children. The equipment they have damaged is for very little kiddies. There's quite a lot of anger about it.

"I was in the park until gone 6pm because I'm the clerk of the Parish Council and we're doing quite a lot of work in the park at the moment, developing it. It was all fine just gone 6pm. Somebody else went in at 8.30pm that evening and it was done by then.

"Wyre Council have been very good and they have closed the equipment and got it taped off and they have made it look OK, but it's still quite hazardous."

Do you have any infromation? Call police on 101 quoting the reference number LC-20190626-0327.