Gunpoint threat robber jailed

Dane Willey, 23, jailed for three years after pleading guilty to robbery.
Dane Willey, 23, jailed for three years after pleading guilty to robbery.
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A ROBBER who threatened to shoot his victim for just £5 has been jailed.

Dane Willey grabbed the other man round the throat without warning as he threatened him in St Annes.

The 23-year-old then forced his victim to hand over his phone, jacket and £5 before warning him if he moved, he would shoot.

The terrifying ordeal unfolded as the man walked home along Clifton Drive North on New Year’s Day, when he was suddenly joined by Willey, grabbed by the throat and dragged behind the nature reserve where he was thrown to the ground.

Willey was jailed for 
three years after pleading guilty to robbery at Preston Crown Court.

David Clarke, prosecuting, said: “The defendant started to strangle him. He could not breathe and was panicking, fearing for his safety and struggling to get away.”

The court heard Willey ordered him to hand over his phone and cash, before telling him: “Give me your jacket now because I have a gun.

“Stay here for 10 minutes. If you move I’ll shoot you.

“I’ve planned this and there is somebody watching you.”

Willey was caught within half an hour, and had the phone, cash and jacket on him when he was stopped by police.

Philip Andrews, defending, said Willey had had too much to drink, rowed with his girlfriend and then had an expensive designer jacket taken from him.

He was walking back to Blackpool when he spotted the victim and he decided to take his anger out on him.

And he said Willey – who had “quite a drink problem” – fully accepted his prison sentence and had set out his regret and remorse about the events in a letter.

Mr Andrews added: “It seems to have been spontaneous.

“He was very much the worse for drink and angry about what had happened earlier.

“The victim just happened along at that time of the morning.

“The defendant makes a clear apology for what happened.”