Grandma’s plea for stolen laptop

Anita Castellina, who had her laptop stolen.
Anita Castellina, who had her laptop stolen.
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A DISABLED woman has been left devastated after her computer was stolen during a meeting.

Anita Castellina had taken the laptop to a Blackpool Pride committee meeting –where she had been asked to offer funding advice – when it disappeared.

And today she has appealed for the culprit to give her back her lifeline.

Mrs Castellina, who relies on a wheelchair to get around, says she is dependant on the laptop to do her shopping and is distraught it has gone missing.

The grandmother, from Anchorsholme, told The Gazette: “I’m so lost without it.

“It’s how I buy things and it’s my lifeline. It’s also got pictures on that are irreplaceable of my grandchildren.

“The computer itself is password protected but what’s on it I can never replace.

“I’m so shocked by it all, I really rely on my computer.”

Mrs Castellina attended the meeting, on Dickson Road, with a friend after being asked to provide the committee with advice about how to obtain Lottery funding.

She took her Dell laptop – which has a distinctive bronze case – along in case she needed to show pages from the Lottery’s website to explain details, but did not end up using it.

And she only realised it had gone missing from the meeting room when she left the venue at the end of the night without it, and her husband immediately went back inside to fetch it for her.

Mrs Castellina said: “My husband said he would go back in and get it but my computer was not there.

“I definitely took it with me, it was carried in for me because I couldn’t manage it with my wheelchair.

“I went to the meeting out of the goodness of my heart to help them get money to secure their future and this is how I’ve been repaid.

“I don’t want to cause trouble, I just want my computer back.”

The police were called in by Mrs Castellina, and they have confirmed they are investigating the theft of her laptop.

Nobody from Blackpool Pride was available to comment.