‘Giggling’ trio jailed after sick sex attack

Graeme Defty, Tony McCarthy and David Wilcock were found guilty during a the-day hearing at Preston Crown Court.
Graeme Defty, Tony McCarthy and David Wilcock were found guilty during a the-day hearing at Preston Crown Court.
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A GANG who “laughed and giggled” as they filmed a sickening sex attack on a teenage girl have been jailed.

The 18-year-old woke up to find herself half-naked in a bed with two of her attackers – but shockingly only realised she had been assaulted days later when she discovered the “repulsive” video footage on her mobile phone.

The full details of what Graeme Defty, 35, David Wilcock, 34, and Tony McCarthy, 22, did to the teenager in Wilcock’s St Annes home are too sickening to print.

Defty and Wilcock will now serve three-and-a-half years behind bars, while McCarthy will serve three years and four months.

During a three-day hearing at Preston Crown Court, Judge Michael Byrne saw the shocking video which showed the trio carry out serious sexual assaults on the girl, who was 
described by prosecutor Paul Brookwell as “clearly unaware of what was happening to her”.

The teenager knew the men and had gone back to Wilcock’s home, on Spring Gardens, St Annes, after a night out in October 2011.

She joined in drinking games at the house, but Mr Brookwell said she couldn’t remember anything after going to the toilet, until she woke up in bed with Wilcock and Defty the next morning.

He told the court: “She met her mother soon afterwards and she said to her straight away, ‘I think something awful has happened to me’.

“She was unable to say what it was, it was just a feeling.”

The police did get involved but the girl chose not to take the matter further – until she found the incriminating video four days later.

Mr Brookwell said the recording showed the men “laughing and giggling” as they attacked her.

The prosecution claimed the girl was drugged after traces of cocaine were found in her system.

The three men all pleaded guilty to two serious sexual assaults at a hearing in January, while Wilcock also admitted a third sexual assault charge.

All three of their defence lawyers said the attack had been out of character.

Jacob Dyer, for Defty, from Mason Close, Freckleton, said it was “not the type of thing that would have happened had they been on their own.”

Wilcock’s lawyer Julie Taylor said her client would “live with the guilt of what he has done for the rest of his life” while Chris Hudson, defending McCarthy, from St Leaonard’s Road East, St Annes, said his client had been attracted to the girl and had filmed the assault on her phone, but not physically touched her.

Sentencing them, Judge Michael Byrne described their behaviour as “repulsive” and said: “I regard the filming and recording of these activities as a serious aggravating feature in this case.”

The defendants will all be on the Sex Offender’s Register indefinitely.

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