Frightening attack after cigarette row

Ashleigh Goodman
Ashleigh Goodman
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A couple attacked a takeaway delivery man and then robbed him – because he refused to give them a cigarette.

Preston Crown Court heard how Kriss Wilkes, 20, and Ashleigh Goodman, 21, punched, kicked and hit the victim around the head with a can of lager before stealing the keys for his car.

Wilkes and Goodman, both of Cocker Street, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to assault following the incident on January 15.

The driver was delivering food to a home on Cocker Street when he was stopped by Goodman who asked him for a cigarette.

When he refused, Wilkes demanded money from the driver, who again declined.

He was then chased as he attempted to get back to his vehicle.

Zoe Salter, prosecuting, said: “The driver ran 
towards his vehicle, chased 
by the defendants.

“The driver was trying to call the police and Wilkes was grabbing at his hand holding the phone.

“According to an eyewitness, Wilkes was said to have punched him five or six times.

“He was also seen to kick the victim.”

The pair searched his vehicle and tried to start it, but eventually got out and stole the keys before running inside a nearby address where they were arrested.

Paul Humphries, defending Wilkes, claimed he had thought his girlfriend was in difficulties with a man 

The judge told him that sounded “absolutely absurd”.

Wilkes was given two years youth custody while Goodman was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Judge Christopher Cornwall told the pair: “It was a mean and nasty offence, extremely frightening for this man.”