Former officer cleared of bail breach claims

Blackpool Magistrates
Blackpool Magistrates
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A former police officer told a court he believed his former girlfriend had tried to frame him.

Ian Heed, who was with Lancashire Police for 20 years and based in Blackpool, said he had not been in an area of Poulton he had been banned from.

She is either mistaken or it is a deliberate attempt to cause trouble for my client

The former officer said his ex claimed he had been in the area because she was bitter towards him and wanted to cause him trouble.

Heed, a 51-year-old builder, of Beaumont Gardens, Carleton, denied breaching his bail and was found not guilty of the offence by Blackpool magistrates.

Prosecutor, Malcolm Isherwood, said Heed had been bailed by Southwark Crown Court on alleged offences of fraud and money-laundering.

His bail conditions included the conditions he should not enter Grisedale, Calderdale or Bleasdale Avenues in Poulton.

The prosecutor said on October 9 about 9am Heed’s ex was outside her home in Grisedale Avenue when she saw Heed reversing a van on the avenue.

Heed told magistrates that on October 9 at that time he had been cleaning a blocked drain in Marton.

He added that since they had split up his ex had become antagonistic towards him.

Heed said: “She is very bitter and says she wants to cause trouble for me.”

Simon Farnsworth, defending, told magistrates: “She is either mistaken or it is a deliberate attempt to cause trouble for my client.”