Former nurse rapped over parking row

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A WOMAN has breached her ASBO just two months after it was imposed.

Former nurse Christine Hall, 52, was given the court order because of her behaviour which included pretending to hang herself in front of neighbours’ children.

But Hall carried on with her misbehaving Blackpool Magistrates heard.

She confronted a 69-year-old St John’s Ambulance worker when she parked her small Suzuki in what Hall regarded as the wrong place.

Hall stood in the road trying to block the worker’s pathway and in doing so broke one of the terms of her ASBO which prevents her from blocking the highway.

The court heard how the victim could not use her usual parking spot at the rear of her home on Kittiwake Close, Anchorsholme because a moat had flooded and she was worried about getting her car out.

Stephen Lee, defending, said: “My client has her house up for sale and the estate agent wanted to take some pictures of it.”

“He had asked my client to make sure there were no cars parked outside when he arrived.

“Obviously issues in this neighbourhood go back back some time and the defendant wants to leave and start afresh elsewhere.”

Hall was fined £100 but does not have to pay because of the time she spent in custody awaiting her hearing.

Hall got the ASBO because she blocked local roads with debris and threatened people with her Highland Terrier dog.

In all police had 44 complaints about her.