Footballer knocked unconscious after horror attack during match

Stanley Park
Stanley Park

A football player was knocked unconscious and suffered convulsions after he was punched by an opponent during a match at Stanley Park.

The referee tended to the downed player while he suffered convulsions for four minutes and was then taken to hospital for nine stitches in his chin.

Christopher Drewery, 28, of Easington Crescent, Grange Park, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

Prosecutor, Sarah Perkins, said Drewery and the complainant were playing on opposing teams in a match at Stanley Park on August 14 last year.

The referee awarded a free kick to the complainant’s team. Drewery then punched his victim once to the face and he fell down hitting his knees and chin on the ground.

He suffered a cut chin, grazes to his face and knees and a bruised finger.

When interviewed by police Drewery said he believed the other player was going to strike him so he hit him first.

Howard Green, defending, told magistrates his client said there had been some provocation.

Drewery had not made any threats to the complainant, but accepted he swore back at him.

Drewery said the complainant had walked towards him with his fists clenched and he hit him. He accepted with hindsight that he should have backed off.

Drewery’s case was adjourned to March 20 by Blackpool magistrates for a Newton hearing during which both prosecution and defence witnesses will give evidence.