Fleetwood’s Asda decision to scrap trolley charge backfires after 126 go missing

A supermarket’s kind-hearted gesture to save customers searching for a pound coin has spectacularly back-fired.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 5:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 5:48 pm
Asda Fleetwood is missing 126 trolleys, says Lyla Challoner
Asda Fleetwood is missing 126 trolleys, says Lyla Challoner

Fleetwood’s Asda supermarket decided to remove locks which required shoppers to deposit a quid before using a trolley for their shopping.

Store bosses were responding to comments from customers who said they oftend did not have the right change with them and were forced to pile a basket high on their shopping trips.

However, since the locks were removed just before Christmas, the store has now lost half its fleet of trolleys.

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And now the management has launched a desperate plea for the return of the missing trolleys.

Some have been spotted abandoned around the port but 126 are still outstanding.

And with the trolley costing up to £150 apiece – that means shopping transporters valued at nearly £19,000 are missing from the Cop Lane store.

Layla Challoner, from Asda’s community team, said: “We have a big issue with trolleys at the minute.

“You used to have to place £1 or a trolley token to access a trolley but not everyone carries cash on them nowadays, so to make it easier we stopped it, but since then we have lost an awful lot.

“We have gone from having 250 in December to 124 last week, so we have lost over half.

“I have seem them lying round everywhere after people have used them, so its becoming an issue in Fleetwood.

“We want to make our customers have easy access to them every time they come into store, so the more we have the better, especially at busy periods.”

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of any of the trolleys should call 01253 879400.