Fleetwood vandalism: second police car in a week has window smashed after stand off

The damage to the rear passenger-side window.
The damage to the rear passenger-side window.
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A week since a police standoff with youths in Fleetwood left a patrol car with a smashed window, another vehicle has been vandalised.

Officers were responding to an incident on Duddon Avenue in Fleetwood on Tuesday evening, when they claim a brick was thrown at their car.

In a Facebook post showing the extent of the damage, police called the act "mindless", and said they could no longer use the vehicle to respond to emergency calls.

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It comes just six days after a police stand off with a large group of youths outside Fleetwood's Marine Hall saw another patrol car's windscreen smashed.

The anti-social behaviour resulted in the force issuing a temporary Section 34 "dispersal order", which gave officers extra powers to move people away from problem areas.

A 14 year old boy was arrested at the scene last week, and was later released under investigation.

Coun Rosemary Cunningham said she was "absolutely appalled" by the incident.

"I think they should be held to account - and if they are juveniles then their parents should be held to account, and made to pay for any criminal damage.

"Police cuts are definitely not helping with this situation. The cuts to child services and the cuts to the youth offenders team have all had consequences, and we are seeing those consequences now".

"Perhaps if there was more for juveniles to do in the area there wouldn't be this kind of mindless crime".

It is not yet known if any arrests in connection with the vandalism were made last night.