Fleetwood man jailed after bloody hand thrust into policeman's mouth

A man had his own blood on his fingers when he shoved his hand into a police officer’s mouth.

By Richard Hunt
Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 5:00 pm
Conan Newham was jailed after pleading guilty to assault
Conan Newham was jailed after pleading guilty to assault

There were fears the officer might contract an infection from the incident which occurred after police stopped the man in Fleetwood.

District Judge Jane Goodwin heard details of a sustained struggle between 21-year-old Conan Newsham and two officers on the streets of the town.

At one stage police used a PAVA spray to try and control a fighting Newsham and had to use his emergency radio button to call for help.

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Police had been alerted to the former decorator who had broken a restraining order which forbids him from going to his family home on Oak Street in Fleetwood.

He was seen cycling through the town and when he was halted by police began what the judge heard was a sustained attack on officers.

At one stage he pushed his own cut hand into one officer’s mouth.

Newsham was jailed for a total of 32 weeks and told to pay £149 victims surcharge.

Prosecutor Paul Huxley said:”That incident was the cause of some concern because of the possibility of infection.”

Blackpool Magistrates had previously heard how Newsham had a cocaine addiction and had been kicked out of the family home after stealing from relatives.

He has been living in a garage and taking food via a letter box and washing in a bucket.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers in the latest incident and admitted breaching his restraining order.He also admitted the theft of £30 worth of chocolates in a shoplifting matter.

Judge Goodwin told him:”Only a few days ago you were before me and I gave you one last chance.

“Now you have breached a suspended prison sentence and not taken advantage of the probation service.I can only send you to prison.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “This incident shows once again the dangers that our staff face and how they put themselves at risk each and every day to protect our communities.”