Firm fined for dirty premises

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A Blackpool food firm specialising in Asian products has been fined for having filthy premises.

In the dock representing the Blackpool Eastern Market Ltd of Central Drive was Mohammed Ahmad, 31, of Belmont Avenue, Blackpool, who is a director of the firm.

He admitted 15 offences after being prosecuted by the town’s council under the Food Hygiene laws.

His company was ordered to pay £1,992 in fines and costs by Blackpool magistrates.

Ahmad has a previous conviction for the same type of offence when he was prosecuted personally.

The offences dealt with the state of the premises which prosecutor Lynda Bennett said was dirty and that Ahmad failed to react to directives from health officers who made a series of inspections which started after a complaint about rotting waste meat was being kept in a van parked next to the shop which was attracting flies and was smelly.

The council also said that taps did not work properly in meat preparation areas and there was no hot water for staff to wash their hands after going to the toilet.

Magistrates heard that Ahmad had now started improvements to drainage grids and had plastering done.

His lawyer John Huxley said: “As the prosecution have said I have to concede it is more due to good luck than anything else that no one was made ill.”

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