Fire in derelict warehouse

Derelict warehouse fire on Reads Avenue, Blackpool
Derelict warehouse fire on Reads Avenue, Blackpool
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A DERELICT warehouse has been severely damaged in a fire.

Around ten firefighters from Blackpool’s Forest Gate Fire Station tackled the blaze after it broke out on Reads Avenue at 7.10 this morning.

Fire crews used jets and breathing apparatus to put out the fire, which destroyed the roof of the Blackpool building.

Cyril Turner, 71, of Reads Avenue, called 999 when he saw thick black smoke rising from the building.

He said: “I heard something popping and banging like a car, so I came out to have a look and saw smoke coming out of the roof.

“I was really worried about my car because I rent the garage next to it and thought it was going to catch fire.

“It was quite shocking to see something like that and a bit of a surprise because it’s been empty for the last eight years.”

An investigation is now taking place to discover the cause of the suspicious fire.

Ian Alder, watch manager at Forest Gate Fire Station, said: “There’s been a lot of drug usage up there but we aren’t sure how the fire started.

“It was more than likely deliberate but we are currently investigating because it is suspicious.

“There must be 2,000 needles in there and my main concern now is stopping any kids going in and coming into contact with them and roof slates blowing off.”