Fire crews warn arsonists

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Arsonists have been warned they are putting lives at risk by setting fire to grassland.

Crews from Blackpool fire station have been called out to six different blazes at land off Steeton Road, Grange Park, in the past month.

All of the fires are believed to have been started deliberately, and those responsible have today been issued with a stark warning they face jail if they continue.

Darren Gregson, crew manager at Blackpool fire station, said: “We’re going to increase our presence around the area to show we’re taking this a bit more seriously.

“When we go out to tackle these we’re tied up with that, we can’t ignore them.

“It’s hard work to get to and it’s hard work to put out, because we have to use hand beaters to beat it out.

“It’s tying up appliances that could be needed for more serious incidents.”

Firefighters have begun patrolling the estate in a bid to raise awareness of the problem, and spent Thursday afternoon distributing leaflets warning of the consequences of starting fires.

Police in the area are also investigating.

Mr Gregson added: “It’s arson, whichever way you look at it.

“They could be prosecuted for it, and that means fines or prison time.”

Stuart Grimes, from Grange Park Neighbourhood Watch, has appealed to residents to inform the police if they see any suspicious activity in the area.

He said: “If the fire brigade have been called out this number of times to put fires out, it is very concerning.

“I’d say to people in that area keep your eyes open and if you see anything contact the local police.

“If you see something, report it.

“We need to nip it in the bud and try to prevent any more further incidents.”