‘Find teen guilty of murder’

Freckleton house fire that claimed the lives of four sibilings.
Freckleton house fire that claimed the lives of four sibilings.
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The prosecutor in the trial of a teenager accused of starting a fire which killed four siblings urged the jury to convict the 19-year-old of murder as he summarised his case.

Neil Flewitt QC, told the jury: “The only realistic conclusion you can come to in this case is that this fire was started deliberately by Dyson Allen and it was with the intention of causing really serious injury to these children.”

Mr Flewitt reminded the jury of the evidence of three forensic investigators who all discounted the possibility the fire was started accidentally and ruled out the possibility the fire could have been started by the children.

He added: “You watched the defendant squirm and shift around as he realised the account he gave in interview supported the account that he was in bedroom two for quite some time before the fire started at a time when all the other candidates were not only downstairs, but in each other’s company.”

Mr Flewitt pointed out repeated lies, admitted by Allen in the witness box, that he told police during the course of the investigation.

He said: “His frequent and at times inexplicable lies are a clear indication of his guilt.”

He recounted Allen’s explanation for comments made to friends outside a memorial service for the children that they needed to “get their stories straight”, in which Allen told the court his comments referred to an assault case in the magistrates court in which he had agreed to exaggerate when he appeared as a witness.

Mr Flewitt asked: “If he is willing to lie about an assault case, how much more willing would he be to lie to you when it is an attempt to save his own skin?” He reminded the jury of Allen’s history of playing with fire and said while it may appear his friends had outgrown the “childish pranks”, Allen was still interested in fire.

Three witnesses said they saw him lighting an aerosol, at one time close to a girl’s face, at a party in Lytham.

Mr Flewitt said: “This is someone who not only plays with fire but is really dangerous when he does it.”

Allen, of no fixed address, denies four counts of murder and four of manslaughter after Reece Smith, 19, Ella and Holly, four and Jordan, two died from smoke inhalation in the fire in Lytham Road, Freckleton, last January.

Mr Flewiit told the jury: “He (set the fire) and then sat down in bedroom two and waited and waited and waited till the lights went out, and only then did he raise the alarm.

“Why would he stand by and allow that to happen?”


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