Filthy massage parlour closed

Grubby conditions at Dolly Babes on Cookson Street.
Grubby conditions at Dolly Babes on Cookson Street.

A BLACKPOOL massage parlour has been shut down after town hall officers raided the premises and found filthy and dangerous conditions inside.

Dolly Babes, on Cookson Street, was hauled before Blackpool Magistrates’ Court where the bench granted a closure order against the premises for the next three months.

The court heard how Blackpool Council public protection staff and police visited the premises on numerous occasions before applying for the tough measure.

They discovered a litany of problems with the electricity supply and sanitation as well as complaints from neighbours about loud music.

One Trading Standards officer described the bathroom as “the worst he had ever seen” in his career.

The business has now been boarded up and shut down.

Coun Gillian Campbell, Blackpool Council cabinet member for public protection and housing, said: “It beggars belief Dolly Babes has operated for as long as it has without a serious incident.

“The conditions inside the property were bad enough with blocked toilets and filthy surroundings but the electrical arrangements were staggering.

“Our officers had never seen anything like it before.

“The most basic requirements of hot running water and an electricity supply were absent from this property posing many health and safety risks.”

Blackpool magistrates were handed a dossier of evidence by council prosecutors at the hearing including:

>> Neighbours complaining of loud music coming from the premises into the early hours.

>> Evidence a woman was on the street and had propositioned a man while saying they worked at Dolly Babes.

>> An electrical extension cable had been draped across an alleyway to the window of a first floor flat as there was no mains electricity, as it had been cut off and the metre removed.

>> There was no hot water available for sanitary purposes and recurring plumbing problems including blocked drains.

>> The only usable toilet had no hand washing facilities and was “filthy from top to bottom” a trading standards officer said.

Coun Campbell added: “In this case it’s obvious that the advice and warnings issued by our officers fell on deaf ears, it’s absolutely right that the property should be closed down.”

The court said the closure order was made with the full co-operation of the building’s landlord.

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