'Fast and furious' style Blackpool car cruise is condemned

A South Shore industrial estate turned into an illegal car cruise with untaxed vehicles doing burnouts and cars speeding down public roads at up to 60mph, it has been revealed.

Monday, 23rd July 2018, 8:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th July 2018, 1:02 pm
A still from a video of the car 'cruise'
A still from a video of the car 'cruise'

Footage posted on YouTube shows a large crowd watching as cars perform dangerous stunts on Amy Johnston Way.

And at one point a young girl, who appears to be under 10, is seen getting into a battered Vauxhall as its owner spins the wheels, enveloping the car in smoke from burning rubber.

Monkey London, the firm which filmed and posted the videos, visited Blackpool a fortnight ago to film a pilot episode for a new series on its channel at the event.

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A still from a video of the car 'cruise'

However, it has now emerged that the council refused the company permission to film in the resort.

A Blackpool Council spokesman said: “We were approached by this group and refused permission for their request.

“We would never have given permission for this activity.”

And an investigation by the Gazette has revealed that some of the vehicles attending the event are listed as untaxed on the DVLA’s website with one being a different colour than the one on its record.

One car, a 1988 Vauxhall Astra, was last taxed in 2016 and a Ford Escort and Nissan Skyline both show as untaxed.

A blue Toyota Starlet is registered as being black on the DVLA’s database.

The filming took place outside Playtime UK Ltd and Coronation Candy’s premises.

Sgt Nat Cox, from Blackpool South police, said that they were aware that the event was taking place but could not act because it was being held on private land.

He said officers attended and warned the organisers there would be a zero-tolerance attitude to any anti-social driving taking place on the roads.

However, the YouTube video clearly shows drivers speeding on roads around the industrial estate once police had left the scene.

He added: “Clearly we couldn’t stay outside the address for its full duration and while police were in attendance there were no instances of anti-social driving witnessed.

“While it appears from the footage that there have been instances of poor driving, had these been witnessed by police, action would have been taken.

Sgt Cox said: “We didn’t receive any calls from the public in relation to this event and no reports of anti-social driving from this time frame.

“Had we received complaints we would clearly have acted on this, especially if registrations were provided.

“Clearly we support the council in this and would always assist them if any matters were reported to us.

“It is a thin line between preventing people from enjoying their hobbies and ensuring there is minimal disruption caused to the community.

“I would ask anyone who attends events such as this to bear in mind the law and the fact that they could end up in court for anti-social driving.

“They have to respect local communities and enjoy their hobby in a responsible manner.

“Ultimately, it’s hard to be a car enthusiast if your wheels have just been towed by the police for anti-social driving.”

The noise of the vehicles and cruise could be heard nearby.

One resident, who did not wish to be identified, said: “Boy racers’ seem to have free reign in this town and the police seem to do nothing about them.

“These idiots show clear contempt for road laws, taxation, other road users and the police yet nothing is being done about it.

“Blackpool is trying hard to regenerate itself and foster a new family friendly image. Tolerating this illegal, intimidating and dangerous ‘we do what we want’ attitude just makes a mockery of that task.”

A spokesman for Coronation Candy said they gave permission to Monky London to use their land for filming purposes only.

Playtime UK Ltd declined to comment on the story.

Monky London failed to respond to requests from the Gazette for a comment.