Fake alcohol conman back before courts

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A conman known for for filling bottles with urine and selling them as whisky has struck again, a court has been told.

Nicholas Stewart, who was branded a danger to public health, tried to pass off the suspect spirits as Jack Daniels whisky and Smirnoff vodka.

The fraudster re-sealed the one and a half litre bottle to dupe the public and sold them for £10 a time on Blackpool’s Golden Mile.

Scientific evidence revealed that forms of human waste had been used as a colourant.

Stewart, of Devonshire Road,Blackpool yesterday pleaded guilty to breaching an Anti-Social Behaviour Order by approaching public in the town centre and attempting to sell what purported to be alcohol.

He was sentenced to 120 days jail and ordered to pay £260 court costs by Blackpool Magistrates.

Presiding magistrate Mark Cowburn told Stewart: “We treat this offence very seriously .We feel the town relies heavily on tourism .People like you commit offences and blacken the town’s name.”

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said the ASBO had been imposed in February this years when he was first convicted of selling the fake booze .

It bans him from selling anything apart from copies of The Big Issue.

The court heard how police watched Stewart approach adults on the Promenade and sold two bottles to the woman for £20.

He told her he needed the money to pay for bed and breakfast that night.

Martin Hillson,defending said his client had health problems and was not fit to work.