Face-paint man avoids prison

Blackpool Magistrates Court open day pre-pix.
Blackpool Magistrates Court open day pre-pix.
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A man found lying on a pavement with a St George’s Cross flag painted on his face has avoided being sent to prison after he assaulted a paramedic trying to help him.

Marc Whalley swung his arm up and hit the medic across the chest and shoulder, after being gently shaken and asked if could wake up.

Whalley, a 31-year-old window cleaner,of Coronation Street, St Annes, pleaded guilty to assaulting his 

He was sentenced to do 150 hours unpaid work for the community and ordered to pay £60 compensation to the victim by the bench at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.

The court was told that paramedics were called to Whalley on June 15 at 7.20am after he had collapsed outside Smiley’s shop, in Cleveleys.

At first the medics thought Whalley was suffering from extreme sunburn, but then they realised he had the flag of St George painted on his face, magistrates were told.

One medic gently tried to rouse Whalley by shaking him.

But the defendant responded by swinging his arm up, hitting the victim across the chest and shoulder, knocking him backwards.