Ex-male model threatened to throw acid in woman’s face and slit her throat

Julian Jebb
Julian Jebb
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A former male model threatened to throw acid onto the face of a woman he thought was cheating on him.

Julian Jebb sent the woman pictures of people who had been disfigured in acid attacks.

A court heard that the chilling threat was part of a campaign by 45-year-old Jebb against his former partner.

Jebb – an advertising salesman – of Clevedon Road, North Shore, admitted harassing his victim by threatening her with severe violence including throwing acid in her face and slitting her throat.

Blackpool Magistrates sent him for sentence to Preston Crown Court where he will appear on May 30.

They refused his application for bail.

Jim Mowbray, prosecuting, said Jebb had a previous conviction for assaulting the woman who now lives in Staffordshire.

“After their relationship broke down they continued to talk as friends,” said the prosecutor.

“However, he soon became abusive towards her calling her a cancer-ridden slag.”

“He sent her a picture of himself holding a dagger with a threat that he was going to slit her throat.

“She tried to block his number and things began to escalate when she got a call from him and she asked one of her friends to take the call.

“It was a male friend and that seemed to annoy Jebb even more and he threatened to go to her home in the Midlands and throw acid in her face.

“He then sent pictures of victims of acid attacks.”

In all, Jebb sent about 250 messages to her many on Facebook.

Martin Hillson, defending, said that his client accepted they were very unpleasant threats over a short period.

He claimed that the couple had continued sexual relations even when he was convicted of assaulting her.

The prosecution objected to bail for Jebb saying the woman needed protection from him.

Mr Mowbray added:” There is every danger of further offences being committed. In one chilling message he said he had nothing more to lose.

“The Crown believe he is capable of carrying out those threats.”

Applying for bail Mr Hillson said: “He does have things to lose – his job and his home. He has sent a tirade of messages but that it all they were.

“There has been nothing found by police that suggests he was planning any