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A man was arrested after sending his former girlfriend a message on Facebook.

Kurtis Formosa, unemployed, 29, of Pleasant Street, North Shore, pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order.

He also admitted breaching a suspended prison sentence for assaulting his former girlfriend and breaching a conditional discharge for causing damage at her home.

He was sentenced to do 60 hours unpaid work for the community and given a 28-day residency order during which he must live at his given address by Blackpool magistrates.

Jenny Prendergast, prosecuting, said Formosa was put on a one-year restraining order which banned him from contact with his ex on February 18.

On May 6 Formosa sent her a message via Facebook which read: “Think you’re clever with your grey skirt and little white top – you watch yourself.”

Tony O’Brien, defending, said Formosa had blocked his ex’s Facebook access, but his ex became more persistent in trying to contact him.

Mr O’Brien added: “He has not initiated any of this contact, it has been driven by her.

“The message he sent expressed his concern for her about going round dressed as she was.”

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