Eight in 10 chairs left empty at 'massacre' threat school

Montgomery High School in Bispham
Montgomery High School in Bispham
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Threats to leave a trail of 'bullets, bodies, and blood' at Montgomery High School in Bispham today saw attendance figures plummet.

Just 268 students turned up for class this morning, down 80 per cent from a usual 1,371, the school has confirmed.

The anonymous threats, posted to Facebook around 10 days ago, pledged to 'kill as many people as possible' in revenge for alleged bullying.

Police have yet to trace the person responsible for them, leading worried parents to keep their children away.

Some of the students who defied the threats were ushered inside the school by staff - some of whom were drafted in from Aspire Academy - as TV crews filmed outside and police officers guarded every entrance.

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