Drugs stash jail sentence

John Bibby has been jailed for nine months at Preston Crown Court.
John Bibby has been jailed for nine months at Preston Crown Court.
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A MAN given a second chance by a court for drug offences landed himself in deeper trouble when he began “warehousing” to clear a £2,000 pound debt.

John Bibby was caught with more than £6,000 of amphetamine at his Blackpool home.

A court heard he had been handing over drugs on a weekly basis to a dealer – and every week this led to his debt being reduced by £150 a time.

Bibby, 55, of Newcastle Avenue, Blackpool was jailed for nine months when he appeared at Preston Crown Court for sentencing.

He had pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing amphetamine with intent to supply.

In September last year he was given a suspended jail term for the same type of offence, as well as supplying drugs and offences relating to cannabis.

The latest case arose from a police search of his home on January 31.

Paul Brookwell, prosecuting, said amphetamine paste was found under a kit board in the defendant’s kitchen.

The drug weighed 601 grammes, was four per cent amphetamine and had a street value of £6,010.

In his basis of plea, Bibby stated that following the earlier case last September, he was approached by someone he owed money to and told he had to either hold drugs or sell them.

He agreed to hold drugs and was visited once a week and would hand them over.

He got no money for doing that, but his drug debt was reduced by £150 a week.

Chris Hudson, defending, said Bibby knew an immediate prison sentence would follow.

He said he was someone who had abused drugs for years but had made a genuine effort to stay on the ‘straight and narrow’ following the earlier case.

Mr Hudson said: “He was pressurised and had various options – option number one was to go straight to the police.

“Option number two was to sell drugs and option number three was to store drugs, which he did.

“He has been caught and now has got to face the consequences.

“He entered a very early guilty plea”.

The judge, Recorder Kevin Grice, activated six months of the suspended sentence, adding another three months jail on top for the latest offence.

He told Bibby: “Your counsel worked the oracle for you in September, but I’m afraid now the day of reckoning has arrived.”.

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