Doctor cleared of toilet spying to face hearing

The Harbour psychiatric hospital in Marton
The Harbour psychiatric hospital in Marton
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A doctor will face a medical tribunal accused of trying to spy on a man in the gents’ toilet at The Harbour psychiatric hospital in Marton despite being cleared at Preston Crown Court.

Dr Umar Patel is set to appear before a panel in Manchester next week, over a year after the 33-year-old was acquitted of voyeurism.

Dr Patel, whose address was given in court as Sunning Hill Street, Bolton, denied the charge and was found not guilty by a jury in March last year, a court official said yesterday.

A document released by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) said the panel will “inquire into the allegation that, on February 2, 2016 ... Dr Patel entered a toilet cubicle and placed a mobile telephone underneath the wall dividing his cubicle from the next door cubicle.

“It is alleged that he intended to use his mobile phone’s screen to reflect, view and record what was happening in the next door cubicle, which was occupied by another doctor.

“It is also alleged that [the doctor] did not consent to this and that Dr Patel’s conduct was sexually motivated.”

The tribunal is due to be held from this Monday, July 23, until Friday, August 3, at the St James’ Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester.