Dealer must pay back cash

Jonathan Bye
Jonathan Bye
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A DRUG dealer has been told to pay back more than £10,000 of what he made on the streets.

Jonathan Bye, 44, of Lune Street, Lancaster, was ordered to repay the money during a hearing after police found him with £12,000 of amphetamine in a McDonald’s car park.

Bye was discovered with 1kg of the drug in the Freeport, Fleetwood, car park in October 2010 and jailed for 30 months in May.

The hearing found the cost of Bye’s actions, which included the value of the drugs seized, to be £32,306.67, and he was instructed to re-pay £10,963.35.

Anna Willetts, financial investigator for the police, said: “Bye was caught with a significant amount of drugs on him and it was clear he was making a large profit from his illegal activities.

“It is not right criminals should live beyond their means, essentially at the cost of law abiding residents who also suffer the extra misery created by drugs being brought into their 

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