Dealer caught with £4,000 heroin haul

Mark Collings has been jailed for more than five and a half years.
Mark Collings has been jailed for more than five and a half years.
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A DRUG dealer caught with more than £4,000 of heroin has been put
 behind bars.

Preston Crown Court heard how police raided a home on Kipling Court, Marton, where Mark Collings was visiting at the time. When arrested at the scene he told a friend: “I’ll see you in 10 years.”

The 46-year old of Charles Street, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing heroin with intent to supply last month. He was given a sentence of five years and seven and a half months jail.

The judge was told drugs were found on Collings during the search of the address on October 16.

Jon Close, prosecuting, said that as officers entered the home, Collings was seen trying to hide something down the corner of an armchair where he was sat.

That item turned out to be a wallet with a around £1,000 inside. He told police he had some drugs on him and handed over a large ‘wrap’.

The defendant was strip-searched and more drugs were found in a sock.

Further narcotics were also found in a utility cupboard when his home was searched.

In total, the drugs weighed more than 41 grammes and were thought to have a street value of £4,140.

Police officers also seized £1,555 cash during the operation.

During interview, Collings made ‘no comment’ replies to police when questioned.

His previous convictions included a five year term for supplying drugs back in 2008.

He appeared at court yesterday as a “three strikes” drug offender and therefore facing a minimum seven year jail term, with some time taken off for a guilty plea.

Paul Humphries, defending, said following his release from prison, Collings needed a knee replacement.

He was in a lot of pain and eventually started using drugs again.

Mr Humphries added: “He had a large habit which quickly built up to an eighth of an ounce a day.

“He and three others would share money to purchase large amounts, but this was for their own use.

“It was obviously to be shared between them.

“There was no element of profit in it.”

The defendant was told he will also have to pay a £120 victims surcharge.

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