Dare-devil Blackpool Tower climb antics split the crowd

The antics of dare-devil Ally Law captured the imagination of readers when he scaled Blackpool Tower last week.

Monday, 4th September 2017, 8:25 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:59 pm
Ally Law climbing the Tower

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But police criticised the stunt saying thrill-seekers are wasting their stretched resources, with officers having to deal with the consequences.

Ally, who also climbed the Big One rollercoaster last month, was blasted as ‘irresponsible and reckless’ by Blackpool’s police chief following Saturday’s stunt – but he claimed it was all done in the name of entertainment.

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The climber, who has 130,000 subscribers on video-sharing website YouTube, said: “I just enjoy being able to share this unique experience with other people so others can get to see something they probably never would, in a way they probably never would want to.

Readers reacted to the story in their droves and the post on our Facebook page received almost 200 likes, more than 100 shares and garnered dozens of comments.

Many people praised the climber but others worried it could inspire other, less experienced, climbers to follow suit. Some readers also raised concerns about security.

Here’s what you said:

I think if he wants to take the risks then that’s entirely up to him. If other people want to be sheep and follow him, that again is their choice. Everyone knows the dangers of falling from heights, if they don’t mind then who are we to stop them.

- Janys Wright

Fair play to them, if they fell they would die they know the risk just like driving in a car anything can happen, too many busy people putting people down for doing what they enjoy.

- Mitch Henderson

Fair play to these lads, they have some guts and definitely confidence In themselves , they surely know the risks involved . Jaw dropping stuff but I love watching their videos.

- Victoria Jayne

Imagine the damage he’ll do landing at 100 mph , who’s going to pay for it ? I don’t give a toss about his life ,just the damage he’ll cause to others.

- Martin Griffiths

They should put their talent to good use rather than making videos which will encourage copycats. Wonder if they will be smiling when some inexperienced boy or girl decides to copy what they do and falls to their death. They are after their 5 mins of fame and can’t see the bigger picture.

- Tony Johnstone

What safety equipment did the original builders of the tower use ??

- Douglas Sim

Government should employ these guys to point out weaknesses in security on buildings of interest for terrorism. Well done lads for showing how easy it could be done!

- Stephen Barnes

How stupid can some people be?

- Christine MacKenzie

Just shows you how good the security are not.

- Daniel Carter

It’s cleaning up the mess if it DOES go wrong. Not fair on those people having to see and deal with the aftermath.

- Jorgen Hollander

Does some great videos. his footage is amazing. After scaling, stealth roller coaster at Thorpe Park. He has got permanent ban on entering any Merlin attractions, this includes all of Merlin attractions. Ally Law has made news before. He stopped a guy from committing suicide by persuading him not to jump off a bridge. Got so much respect for this guy.

- Adam Kean

The only person he would have hurt is himself. I would have loved to have done it with him.

- Zoe Collinge

If they fall and die it’s down to them. That like me saying my son can’t ride his crosser at 50-70 mph or jump it etc just in case he hurts himself. All sports come at a cost you just be careful.

- Wayne Wareing