Dad sold fake charity’s arm bands on Prom

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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A dad of two acted as what his lawyer termed a ‘foot soldier’ in a street collection business called Army of Heroes.

He was caught selling coloured wrist bands at £3 a time to members of the public on Blackpool’s Golden Mile.

Carl Carradice, 26, of Castlegate, South Shore, admitted misleading trading under Consumer Protection legislation.

He also admitted street trading in a prohibited area.

Carmel White, prosecuting for Blackpool Council, said a local authority public protection officer saw Carradice near Coral Island.

“The officer approached Carradice and asked him if he was selling the wrist bands for charity and was told he was,” said the prosecutor.

Inquiries revealed Carradice had not got a pedlar’s certificate.

He was carrying a laminated A4 piece of paper carrying information about the Army of Heroes.

The officer seized the man’s stock of bands.

Carradice was seen a second time selling bands and the prosecutor added: “There is no charity called Army of Heroes.”

Malcolm Cartwright, defending, said: “My client is not a leading light in some sort of deception

“He is a foot soldier.

“He was recruited by this organisation when he was seen selling joke books on the street.

“From my inquiries this organisation is now a limited company bassed in St Annes.

“All he was doing was raising some money to help his family and was not a main player.”

Blackpool Magistrates gave Carradice an 18-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £256 costs.