Cruel woman let dog savage kitten to death

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A dog owner has admitted deliberately letting her pet off its lead to chase and kill a tiny kitten.

Cruel Stephanie Curwen, 24, took her dog, Duke, off its lead so that it could attack Reggie, a black Bengal kitten.

The six-month-old kitten died from a single bite wound, magistrates in Blackpool were told.

Curwen, of Walter Avenue, St Annes, and formerly of Central Drive, Blackpool, admitted causing suffering to the cat by allowing her dog to attack and kill it.

She also admitted causing an animal fight to take place.

Magistrates, who were not told the breed of the dog during the hearing, bailed Curwen so pre-sentence reports could be prepared on her.

Jonathon Fail, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said a man who saw the attack tried to intervene and save the kitten after he saw it in Duke’s mouth in Baron Road, South Shore.

The dog was shaking the kitten and, after it was forced to drop it, the cat only lived for a few minutes.

The witness said Curwen was saying “naughty dog” but her words had no real meaning.

The prosecutor said CCTV footage revealed how Reggie had been sitting on a fence when Curwen passed the house with her dog on the lead.

She let the dog go free and encouraged it to jump at the cat.

The cat tried to make a run for it and the dog chased it down with Curwen making no attempt to stop her animal.

When Curwen was questioned about the incident she said she had only had the dog a week and did not know what it was like and did not know its temperament.

She told RSPCA investigators that after the incident people had gone round to her home shouting and screaming at her.

A vet carried out a post mortem on Reggie and found he had died from two puncture wounds, one of which caused a pulmonary haemorrhage.

Mr Fail said: “It was a trauma which caused the kitten significant suffering and pain.”

David Charnley, defending, said: “This is a sad case. She no longer has the dog. She has shown remorse for what happened.”

Chairman of the Bench Michael Leigh said: “This was a prolonged attack.

“You took the dog off its lead deliberately.”