Cow escape risk from metal raid

Farmer David Butterworth at the gates to the field where metal thieves stuck.
Farmer David Butterworth at the gates to the field where metal thieves stuck.
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A FARMER says his livestock were put at risk after metal thieves broke into his field.

The intruders stole three cast iron baths used to hold drinking water for cattle but also left the gate open leaving the cows unsecured.

Farmer David Butterworth said it was only by good fortune none of the animals wandered onto the road.

He told The Gazette: “They could have walked out and if they had started running could have ended up in Blackpool town centre. Thankfully they all stayed in the field.”

Mr Butterworth believes the theft at Baines Farm on Staining Old Road, Staining, happened some time between 8am and 10am on Monday morning.

He added: “I checked the field the previous night just as it was getting dark and everything was OK then.

“Someone has come and used a chain saw to break in through the gate, and then they have smashed up three cast iron baths I use for water for the cows. Presumably they wanted to sell them for scrap.

“They have also taken a set of old fashioned cast iron wheels from some antique farm machinery I had.

“But the worst thing is they left the gate open so the cows could have got out onto the road.”

At the time of the incident there were nine cows and four calves in the field.

The theft has been reported to police who are investigating the incident.

A Blackpool Police spokesman said: “We have had a report of someone smashing up three cast iron baths which have then been stolen.”