Convicted Blackpool robber Gary Andrews jailed again over death threats to partner who dumped him

Crown Court
Crown Court
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A spurned man sent death threat letters to his partner after she dumped him when she learned of his past.

Gary Francis Richard Andrews, 41, of Central Drive, Blackpool, was previously convicted of armed robbery, Preston Crown Court heard, and is now starting a nine month jail term.

His partner, who had planned to marry him, ended their six month relationship on November 3.

Angry Andrews repeatedly turned up at her home, first at 4am, and then twice in the afternoon to deliver threatening letters.

He posted a brown envelope with a picture of a gun and a knife, with "Time's Ticking" written on it, and later the same day posted a white envelope with "YOU WILL CROAK IT" written on it.

He was seen by relatives to write something on an envelope before arming himself with a carving knife and leaving the property, saying: " I will make sure I have no blood on me when I get back".

He went to his local, The George pub, in Blackpool, where his partner had taken his bagged up belongings.

His concerned relatives went to look for him there and police were called.

Prosecuting, Craig MacGregor said: "She discovered something about him she didn't like so on November 3 decided to call time on their relationship.

" At around 4am she heard a series of noises which she thought was stones being thrown at her window, and she ignored it.

"But at that point she felt a sudden gush of wind rush through the house and could hear furniture being moved.

"She went down and noticed a chair that had been blocking the front door had been moved. At that point she could actually see him through her front door.

"He walked towards the door and opened it briefly before closing it. When he saw her he took a step back and asked what he'd done wrong.

"She was not interested in a conversation and grabbed his clothes and threw them out."

At 1.39pm and 3.55pm a neighbour saw him outside his victim's house again and challenged him.

He said he was there to get some aftershave back.

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At about 10pm, he left a relative's home armed with the carving knife but was arrested at The George pub.

In a victim impact statement the woman said she had suffered sleeping problems since the knife incident, but that he had never shown any violence towards her before.

She said: "It seems illogical that I am scared and anxious when out of my house, even though I'm aware he's in custody, therefore I've hardly been out with my friends socialising since it happened."

Defending, Sharon Watson said he accepts at the time he was 'angry and hurt'.

Judge Nicholas Barker said: "You are too old to be stood where you are. In many ways you put your offending behaviour behind you when you got locked up for three years in 2009 and have behaved since then. But in November last year you could no longer manage to cope as a result of the breakdown in your relationship."

He said the victim had the right to decide whether she wants to be in a relationship with him or not.

He added: " The important side of that is you had to respect that. You failed to do so. You couldn't. And you became entirely illogical, entirely out of control."