Conmen who preyed on elderly gets jailed

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  • Conman targeted elderly victims while on a suspended sentence
  • Even took cash from one woman as she “sobbed” in front of him
  • Ordered to pay compensation and £1,000 in costs
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A doorstep conman who forced vulnerable pensioners to hand over cash for home security systems they didn’t want has been jailed.

David Graham Fricker, 44, even took payment off one 84-year-old woman while she was sobbing in front of him, a court heard.

Fricker – who was on a suspended sentence for conning a Blackpool pensioner in her sheltered accommodation – was jailed for six months by a judge at Burnley Crown Court.

The hearing was told Fricker, of Gorse Road, near Stanley Park, had turned up at his latest victim’s home in Hyndburn in early 2013 and told her that he and two men with him fitted security equipment.

She told him she didn’t want any and couldn’t afford it, but Fricker was “very persuasive and wouldn’t take no for an answer”.

She eventually handed over £130 for a camera as she was so frightened.

David Traynor, prosecuting for the Lancashire Trading Standards Service, said: “She says tears were literally dripping down her face, but the defendant was not bothered and took the cash.”

Fricker returned two months later, this time with one other man, put his foot in the door and pushed the victim so he could get inside.

He fitted a telecom system she didn’t want and she again handed over £130.

The prosecutor continued: “On one of the occasions that work was being carried out at the house, an oxygen tube was cut through by the workmen, leaving a gap of one metre. This tube ran from the bedroom of the victim, where there was an oxygen tank, down to the lounge and was used by her for difficulties with her breathing.”

The victim later called police.

Recorder Raymond Herman jailed him for six months and also ordered he pay £271 compensation to his victim, £1,000 costs and an £80 victim