Children’s clinic is targeted by drunk

Blenheim House Children's Hospital in Newton Drive
Blenheim House Children's Hospital in Newton Drive
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A thug drank a dozen pints of cider before smashing his way into a medical centre and ransacking the place.

Kieron Hampson broke into Blenheim House children’s outpatients clinic, on Newton Drive, before wreaking havoc and stealing vital equipment.

But in his drunken state he left behind blood that was later used to link him to the crime.

The 23-year-old, of Central Drive, smashed open doors, cupboards and cabinets before breaking a television and scattering patients’ records around the clinic.

He then made off with two computer towers and a remote control.

Hampson appeared in Blackpool Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to burglary.

The court heard Hampson visited the clinic, which belongs to Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, with head injuries after drinking 12 pints of strong cider and falling down the stairs.

Martine Connah, prosecuting, said the door to the clinic was smashed in on June 23.

She went on to say the clinic was then ransacked and computer equipment stolen.

Forensic tests showed Hampson’s blood was at the scene of the crime.

Hampson told police he had gone to hospital after arguing with his mother and bumping his head when he fell downstairs.

The court heard he had drunk 12 or more pints of strong cider and could not remember much of what happened at the time.

He added that he kept having flashbacks of the incident and thought he had been in a children’s nursery because there were toys around. He then handed himself into the police.

Yesterday, he was bailed to appear at Preston Crown Court for sentencing on October 10 by Blackpool magistrates.