CCTV bid to catch vandals

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A Blackpool councillor has turned to the internet in the hunt for vandals who damaged cars parked outside his home.

Coun Danny Scott was shocked to find scratches down the side of both his and his wife’s cars parked outside their home in Shaftesbury Avenue, Bispham.

CCTV of cars being keyed

CCTV of cars being keyed

But the youths responsible didn’t count on Coun Scott having CCTV cameras trained on the street.

And now tens of thousands of people have viewed the footage online with Coun Scott confident police are going to be able to catch up with the culprit.

The video, published on Monday, shows one of the group of boys pick up an object just before reaching the cars, leaving scratches on the wing of a red Hyundai and the entire passenger side of a grey BMW.

Coun Scott said: “This is not the first incident.

“A few years ago we had some issues and we decided to put in a camera.

“We don’t put the cars in the garage.

“It’s a busy road, there are bus routes and people going to and from the Prom.”

Coun Scott’s wife spotted the damage on Sunday and a quick look at the camera footage quickly identified a group of five young people.

“I thought lets look at the CCTV,” said Coun Scott, who represents Warbreck.

“You can see five kids. They are young teenagers.

“You can see them walk right across the shot. We’ve got a running picture of them all. Just before they reach the cars one of them picks up an object and drags it across the cars.”

The footage was posted to Facebook and has received more than 80,000 views

“It’s worked a treat,” said Coun Scott.

“I’ve since had a message from a family who think they know who has done it.

“It’s all been passed to the police.”

Lancashire Police confirmed it is investigating but no arrests have been made.