Cancer victim’s mobility scooter is stolen

Ashfield Road, Bispham
Ashfield Road, Bispham
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The cruel theft of a cancer sufferer’s vital mobility scooter has been described as “terrible”.

Sixty-eight-year-old Joseph Fairhurst had the machine stolen after being taken to hospital in an ambulance when he suddenly fell ill in the street.

Joseph, who lives in sheltered accommodation at Ashfield Court, Bispham, was diagnosed with stomach cancer six months ago.

He also suffered a stroke some years ago.

His neighbour Michael Duerden, 60, explained that Joseph had a ‘turn’ and lost consciousness on Ashfield Road - just two minutes away from home as he returned on his scooter from shopping on Friday afternoon.

An ambulance arrived to take him to Blackpool Victoria Hospital after he was found slumped on the scooter.

“They didn’t think to take the keys out of the ignition,” said Michael, a joiner by trade, who originates from Nelson. “It was left on the side of the pavement on the road.”

When Joseph, a former painter and decorator, got back from hospital later that day, he asked Michael, who lives in the flat above him, if he would bring the scooter back.

“We’ve gone back and there’s no sign. We knocked on all the doors on that side,” said Michael. “Some opportunist has come along and taken it.”

Michael said Joseph was “absolutely gutted”.

“It’s his independence, he can’t walk anywhere,” said Michael.

“I had to go to the bank to draw some money out for him to get to hospital.”

Joseph was at hospital again on Saturday, having treatment for his condition.

Michael said; “He doesn’t know what to do. It’s terrible.

“It happened about 1.30pm when he had his turn. He rang me up about 7.30pm when he got back from hospital and said could you go and recover my scooter, I don’t feel like driving it.”

Michael feels sure the scooter has been stolen, as, he said, someone finding it would have let Joseph know by now.

Michael said Joseph paid £2,400 for the scooter last year and was “really chuffed” with it.

If anyone knows where the scooter is they can ring Michael on 07565839486.