Burglars target tree fairy lights

Councillor Lily Henderson with the lights and tree.
Councillor Lily Henderson with the lights and tree.
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A COMMUNITY leader has hit out at callous vandals who broke into her home.

Coun Lily Henderson was left distraught when she woke up on Thursday morning to discover thieves had forced their way into her porch, stolen her Christmas tree and cut through her fairy lights.

The Highfield ward councillor said she could have been electrocuted after the thieves left the live wire in her house.

It was the first time since around 1970 her Christmas lights had been turned off over the festive period before January 6.

She said: “I’ve done it every year since 1970 and nothing like this has ever happened before.

“I have my lights on from Christmas Day and they don’t go off, day or night, until twelfth night because that’s what you are supposed to do.

“But on Thursday morning when I woke up there was no tree, the thieves forced their way into my porch, took it and cut the wire. The plug was still plugged into the wall and when I picked it up I nearly electrocuted myself.”

Coun Henderson, who lives on St Annes Road, South Shore, found her Christmas tree and lights abandoned further down the street, but now wants to warn others to be vigilant

She said: “It’s not like me to be upset but I was so upset when I saw it had gone.

“They broke my gate and forced the porch door open, and I had to struggle back up St Annes Road with my tree.

“I’m really annoyed and I just want to warn people.

“They just abandoned my tree and lights and if somebody had walked past and trodden on the lights they could have hurt themselves.”

Coun Henderson is reporting the incident to her local PCSO.

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