Burglar was caught out by CCTV camera

Edward Plumb
Edward Plumb
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A man who burgled a Blackpool home in the night was caught on CCTV outside the house where he twice went in to remove valuable items.

Edward Plumb didn’t have a clear memory of what took place because of drugs and alcohol, a court heard.

Two days after his crime he handed himself in to police because he was on the run from others.

Twenty-three-year-old Plumb, of Hawes Side Lane, in Blackpool, had been committed to Preston Crown Court for sentencing, having admitted an offence of burglary.

He was given 10 months’ prison by the judge.

Karen Brooks, prosecuting, told the court the suggested total value of property taken was around £3,820, but the defendant only accepted having taken lap tops, a digital camera and a mobile phone.

A CCTV system outside the home on Bela Grove showed Plumb outside the address which he twice entered to remove property.

He later accepted having sold laptops, but a mobile phone and camera he had also taken were said to have been thrown away.

Plumb handed himself in to police two days later because he was on the run from other people, said the prosecution.

He indicated he had been affected by drink and drugs at the time of the burglary.

Daniel Harman, defending, said his client had made full and frank admissions in police interview and knew that a prison term would follow.

Plumb claimed that he had spotted the front door was slightly ajar, while making his way home from a party.

“There was no confrontation. It was very much an opportunistic act.

“He fears for his safety both in the Fylde area and also in prison.

“He says there are a number of people who, because of debts from the past, would like very much to have an account of him”.