Burglar put behind bars over hotel break-in spate

Preston Crown Court. Below: David Brewer
Preston Crown Court. Below: David Brewer
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A burglar who targeted hotels on Blackpool Prom has been jailed for nearly five years.

David Brewer, who was described as being in and out of prison most of his adult life, stole a cash float from the Park House Hotel and also tried to raid the Stretton Hotel, as well as The Metropole.

David Brewer, sentenced to 56 months for burglary by Blackpool magistrates

David Brewer, sentenced to 56 months for burglary by Blackpool magistrates

It was all done in a desperate bid to feed his drug habit.

He also handled stolen property linked to two other burglaries – one involving the theft of computers from Claremont Primary School.

Preston Crown Court was told the death of his father while Brewer has been on remand in jail had been a wake-up call for him.

Brewer, 33, of Bedford Road, Blackpool, appeared for sentence for three offences related to hotel burglaries – two of those with intent to steal – plus two offences of handling and two of possessing heroin and cannabis.

The hotel burglaries took place between August 31 and September 4.

Brendan O’Leary, prosecuting, said CCTV footage at the Park House Hotel showed two men breaking a window at the back of the premises at the end of August. They entered the bar and stole £100 cash from a till.

A games room had also been broken into and glassware damaged. The total cost of the damage was around £410.

A police constable identified Brewer from a still image taken from the CCTV.

A burglary with intent to steal took place in the early hours of September 3 at The Stretton Hotel. Hotel staff disturbed two men at the rear of the property.

The men claimed to be using the toilet and left.

Nothing had been stolen, but £700 damage had been caused to a window.

Shortly after that offence, there was a burglary with intent to steal at The Metropole hotel. Shutters were tampered with in the main bar area.

A man went to the kitchen and opened fridges. He was escorted from the hotel by a night porter, who made sure the man was caught on CCTV.

Again, nothing had been stolen, but £50 damage had been caused. Brewer was identified from CCTV footage.

Mr O’Leary also told the court: “Each of the hotels were concerned for guests. They were busy at the time due to the illuminations and had been concerned if any guests had come into contact with the defendant or an accomplice”.

The handling offences had occured earlier this year.

Brewer had 110 previous offences to his name.

Julie Taylor, defending, said he had had a drug habit for 20 years.

“It is a habit he has battled with. He has been given opportunities.

“He has addressed the problem while in custody for four months.

“Drug addiction is the only explanation he can put forward for the offences. He was desperate for money to feed that habit.

“During that time he was given the sad news that his father had passed away. He really just wants to get on with his sentence and try and lead a law-abiding life in the future.

“His father’s death has been a wake-up call that he needs to put his life in order and get things resolved. He has been in and out of prison most of his adult life, and prison doesn’t hold any great fear for him”.

Judge Pamela Badley said there was bound to be a prison sentence. She described his record as terrible, particularly for offences of dishonesty.

Referring to the damage caused by the burglaries she said: “For hard-working hoteliers who are struggling to make a profit these days, it is also something that they have to bear.

“I am sorry I cannot offer compensation because it is going to be a prison sentence.”