Burglar led police on danger pursuit

Paul Speck
Paul Speck
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A spot check at a Blackpool petrol station put police on the trail of a man who had taken his partner’s Land Rover out to burgle a home.

Suspicion was roused when police discovered the vehicle was registered to a woman owner.

The Land Rover sped off along narrow residential streets and without stopping at give way signs. Stolen property was discovered inside when Paul Speck was later caught.

The 39-year-old, of Ellesmere Road, Marton, was sentenced to three years and 39 weeks in jail at Preston Crown Court.

He had pleaded guilty to offences of aggravated vehicle taking, burglary and not having a driving licence or insurance.

Preston Crown Court heard how police on mobile patrol noticed the Land Rover when they stopped at a petrol station in the South Shore area, early on the morning of March 29.

Speck was seen to drive it away.

Paul Cummings, prosecuting, said the car went on to turn into Waterloo Road, where it stopped. But the defendant drove off as a constable approached.

Speck travelled at speeds of up to 55mph along very narrow residential streets.

He passed through Give Way signs without stopping, but came to a halt on Powell Avenue, Marton, after failing to negotiate a tight right hand turn.

Speck tried to run off, but was caught.

The prosecution said his partner had not given him permission to use her vehicle, and used to hide her keys from him.

Property inside the vehicle had come from a burglary at a home on Bentinck Avenue, South Shore, that same night.

Speck claimed to police he had no recollection of what happened due to taking valium and diazepam. He had previous offences of burglary to his name.

Milena Bennett, defending, said: “He has expressed remorse. He said in his police interview he was sorry for the victim, even though he honestly couldn’t remember the offences.

“He had taken quite a number of diazepam and valium tablets.”

Miss Bennett explained that some years ago Speck was kidnapped and beaten by a drugs gang.

His legs were broken, along with many bones in his body. Metal plates were inserted in his legs, but he suffers a lot of pain and he has bought medication to try to deal with that.

The burglary was said to have been carried out on impulse.