Burglar jailed after flat raid sex attack

Paul Judson-Jones, 26, of Branstree Road, Blackpool, was given an 11-year extended sentence for sexual assault and burglary.
Paul Judson-Jones, 26, of Branstree Road, Blackpool, was given an 11-year extended sentence for sexual assault and burglary.
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A man who used “gratuitous sexual violence” on a woman during a terrifying burglary at her flat in Blackpool has been given an 11 years extended sentence.

Paul Judson-Jones barged into his victim’s home one night after a boy knocked on her door, asking to use the toilet.

During the ordeal that followed he made repeated threats, including one that if she contacted the police he would return to her Marton home with a sawn off shotgun and would set fire to her flat.

He also grabbed her round the throat.

Judson-Jones, 26, of Branstree Road, Blackpool had pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault and one of burglary, which happened last November.

A judge at Preston Crown Court gave him eight years prison - of which he will serve half - with him being on licence for seven years.

The woman was so traumatised by what took place she was scared to go out and described herself as being a nervous wreck.

Judith McCullough, prosecuting, said that a boy knocked on the woman’s door on the night of November 14, asking to use her toilet.

But when she opened the door to let him in, Judson-Jones shoved his way in and punched the youngster twice, making him run away.

Asked to leave, the defendant insisted he was not going anywhere and grabbed her wrist to take her phone when she tried to call the police.

Miss McCullough told the court: “He asked if she knew who he was, saying that he was related to some gypsies in Liverpool and that he was just out of prison”.

He also told her he would make false allegations about her and she would be sent down for 15 years.

Judson-Jones pushed her into the kitchen where he grabbed her by the throat and sexually assaulted her.

The defendant stole around £2,000 of property from the address. As he left he threatened: “If you follow me or ring the police, don’t forget, I’ll come back and I’ll torch the place with you in it”.

The incident was reported to police next day.

The court also heard that he had convictions for burglary.

Sharon Watson, defending, said although he had a very bad criminal record, there had been no sex offences in the past.

He disagreed with a probation background report which said he was a walking time bomb, waiting to explode and would harm someone one day.

His barrister told the court “The sexual offences are deeply worrying.

“It was touching above the clothing.

“The victim did not have to go through the trauma of giving evidence in this case”.

Miss Watson said references for Judson-Jones handed in for the judge to consider painted a different picture of him.

As he passed sentence, Judge Robert Altham said Judson-Jones had not felt or shown any remorse and was concerned only with himself.

He told him “Your behaviour was so malicious, including the gratuitoususe of sexual violence and threats, calculated to cause maximum psychological harm, that one is driven to the conclusion you are someone who takes some satisfaction in causing harm to others.

“The facts are, in many ways, every householder’s nightmare.

“There were also calculated and details threats, clearly intended to make this woman fear they really would be carried out, in an attempt to stop her reporting the matter”.

Judson-Jones will be on the sex offender’s register indefinitely.