Break-in lookout spotted by car owner

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A ST ANNES man has appeared in court after admitting acting as a lookout while two of his friends attempted to break into a parked car.

Blackpool magistrates heard how the owner of the car was alerted to what was happening outside her home on Clifton Drive South, St Annes.

She reacted to the disturbance by banging on the window of her house in an attempt to scare the trio off.

It worked and the three raiders fled the scene.

Police were immediately called to the house and they were later successful in detaining and arresting Marcus Wassall, 20, who lives in Blackpool Road North, St Annes.

He admitted tampering with a Ford Fiesta.

The court heard the vehicle’s door was in the process of being prised open when the householder heard what was going on and reacted.

Wassall’s role was to act as lookout during the incident.

That included trying to get his hand through the gap to try to unlock the car door from the inside.

After listening to the details of the case, magistrates at the Blackpool court ordered pre-sentence reports on Wassall.

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