Brakes are put on 20mph plan

proposals for a 20mph restriction have been dropped following consultation by Coun debbie Coleman (pictured) with residents.
proposals for a 20mph restriction have been dropped following consultation by Coun debbie Coleman (pictured) with residents.
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PLANS to introduce a 20mph limit in an area of Blackpool have been formally dropped after they failed to win the backing of residents.

Councillors had proposed to spend £17,000 from their ward budget on new signage for Marton.

The scheme would have seen the speed limit reduced on 50 roads in the area.

But following consultation with residents, it has been decided to scrap the proposal and look at alternative road safety measures instead.

Marton councillor Debbie Coleman said: “The 20mph limit is not going ahead now.

“People said they didn’t want it and we felt it wouldn’t stop the volume of traffic we get on the roads here.

“Spending that amount of money just wasn’t worth it.

“I don’t think it’s speed which is the issue on the side roads. We are looking at alternative measures with the traffic department and a number of ideas have come out of the consultation.”

There are already 20mph limits on the Grange Park and Mereside estates in Blackpool, and on roads surrounding some schools in the town.

But John Raine, chairman of the Mereside Residents Association, says he does not believe the restriction makes the roads safer.

He said; “Marton has done the right thing by not going ahead with a 20mph zone because I don’t believe they work. I live on Branstree Road and we still get people driving at more than 50mph even though there is a 20mph restriction so it is pointless.”

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But Marton community advocate Mary Naylor said she was disappointed the proposals, which were first put forward by former Marton councillor Jim Houldsworth before his death earlier this year, were being dropped.

She said: “The 20mph zones are working in other parts of Blackpool so I’m sure it would have worked here.

“We already have the (speed) humps in place so I’m gutted it is not going ahead.

“Last year we had a few accidents and a lot of elderly people live in Marton.

“I think they have decided to drop it on cost but what price do you put on a life?”

The introduction of 20mph restrictions by Lancashire County Council has also proved controversial with residents in Church Road, Warton, launching a campaign to get the speed limit on their road reinstated to 30mph.

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