Boyfriend jailed after crack-fuelled attacks

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A man who left his partner covered in blood after launching two attacks on her after smoking crack cocaine has been jailed.

Stephen Lagogiannis punched, headbutted and attempted to strangle the woman in the attacks, several hours apart.

Earlier the same night he had also struck a man in the face with the handle of a 

Lagogiannis, 48, of Devonshire Road, Blackpool, was jailed for two years and eight months by a judge at Preston Crown Court.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of actual bodily harm and one charge of common 

Mercedeh Jabbiri, prosecuting, said the couple, who had been together for 16 months, had been drinking with others at his home when the defendant went on to take crack cocaine.

His partner tried to intervene. He told her he could take whatever he wanted, then without warning moved towards her and punched the woman to the head and struck her in the face several more times.

He apologised but after she returned home the following day, Lagogiannis arrived, they began drinking and he suddenly attacked her again without warning.

He went on to assault her with full-force punches to the head while she was sat on the sofa.

At one stage he was said to have knelt over her with his hands around her throat and was strangling her.

A friend of the victim’s was screaming at him to stop but he continued striking her five times to the head.

The victim was said to be in shock, and suffered lacerations and bruising during the attack.

The woman is said to have had flashbacks, sleepless nights and was nervous because of her experience.

The court heard Lagogiannis had 146 previous offences on his record.

Paul Humphries, defending, said Lagogiannis was under no illusions that he was going to jail.

He added: “My client was taking cocaine by pipe at the time and had not been on a bender like that for a long time.

“He accepts he reacted really badly. His partner was talking to him and he just wanted it to stop.

“He was trying to get peace and quiet in a drug-induced way and he accepts punching and headbutting her.”

The judge, Recorder Nicholas Clarke, told Lagogiannis he had committed three very serious offences and the woman was now terrified of him.

A restraining order barring him from contacting her or going near her home was also made by the court.