Boy’s reign of terror ended

Corey Gould
Corey Gould
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A YOUNG tearaway as been dished out an ASBO after terrorising the streets of Freckleton.

Frightened neighbours had repeatedly reported Corey Gould, 13, of Tudor Drive, Freckleton, for his rowdy behaviour, which included throwing eggs and mud at people’s homes, and shouting abuse across the road.

He had also verbally threatened and intimidated residents in Kirkham.

Under the conditions of the order, Gould is banned from behaving in an anti-social manner and from being outdoors in a public place in Fylde between 9pm and 7am.

PC Andrew Scarisbrick, community beat manager for Freckleton, said: “Corey has been responsible for rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour in the Lower Lane, Freckleton and Kirkham areas over a period of time.

“The police thought it necessary to apply for an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) to protect the community and are pleased with the result.

“It is hoped the outcome not only offers reassurance to the public, but sends out a strong message that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.”

But local councillors, who say anti-social behaviour is a problem, especially in the isolated area around Lower Lane, are not convinced an ASBO will combat such behaviour.

Coun Kiran Mulholland, who lives in Freckleton, said: “Some areas of Freckleton are isolated and anti-social behaviour can be a problem.

“I’m not sure an ASBO will be enough to stop this, especially when they are set to be scrapped.”

Coun Thomas Threlfall, of Freckleton East ward, added: “We are trying to create activities to prevent this sort of behaviour, but it is becoming an increasing problem.”

The ASBO, which was granted at Blackpool magistrates’ court, will run for two years, with the curfew element running for one year.

Government proposals just announced include replacing ASBOs with Criminal Behaviour Orders, and compelling police to investigate incidents that are reported by at least five people.