Bodybuilder blames workout for crash

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A bodybuilder seen stumbling about before driving off and demolishing two bollards blamed extreme exercise for his state.

Scott Heeley told police he had been unsteady on his feet because of an intense leg workout programme he had done earlier that morning.

Heeley, 26, of Holts Lane, Poulton, a worker at a waste management company in Kirkham, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and failing to stop after an accident.

He was fined £245 with £85 costs plus £20 victims’ surcharge and had five motoring penalty points put on his licence by Blackpool magistrates.

Alison Quanbrough, prosecuting, said Heeley parked his Audi in a bay outside shops on East Pines Drive, Cleveleys, bumping the car against the kerb on Bank Holiday Monday, May 26, at 10.30am.

A witness saw he was unsteady on his feet and in a shop saw Heeley bang into a display.

As Heeley backed out of the parking bay he collided with the bumper of a van behind.

The van driver got out and accused him of being under the influence of a substance and not fit to drive.

Heeley drove off quickly along a kerb uprooting several cast iron bollards and leaving a large section of his bumper in the street.

Stephen Duffy, defending, said: “He is a very serious bodybuilder and had been training that morning.

“It was not a question of intoxication from any substance.”

The van driver had also been reversing and as far as Heeley was concerned there was an agreement between the van driver and himself that they would not exchange details as there was no damage to either vehicle.